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Parents were furious with the new policy

It pretty obvious that it his brain (to both the reader and to the character), and him saying it out loud doesn really add anything to the joke. And came up with that line. (It pretty common with web comics to see too much dialogue over explaining the joke, or just making extra, weaker jokes after the main punchline.

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cheap moncler jackets School uniform row after 90 pupils sent home or put in isolation on first day back by strict new headteacherOne parent, whose daughter attends Ysgol Rhosnesni in Wrexham, north Wales, said the new headteacher is ‘losing sight of what is important education’A uniform policy led to kids being sent home from Rhosesni High School in Wrexham (Image: GOOGLE)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again moncler outlet location laterInvalid EmailAround 90 children were put in isolation or sent home over “inappropriate uniforms ” on the cheap moncler coats for women first day of term at a school striving to be the best in its region.Dozens of kids were upset on Wednesday cheap moncler after allegedly arriving in trainers and “inappropriate skirts” at Ysgol Rhosnesni in Wrexham, moncler jacket outlet north Wales.Parents were furious with the new policy, which they told Daily Post had descended into “madness”.A parent with a child in Year 11, who did not want to be named, said her daughter was punished for wearing trousers that had lycra in. A second pair were also deemed unacceptable for being “ankle grazers”.The mum said: “The head is right to enforce policy but there is a fine line on what seems to moncler outlet online store be acceptable and what isn’t. My daughter was put in isolation but they were just sat in the hall all day yesterday.”She has now missed two days of lessons as I took the decision to remove her until we can find something suitable but it is a struggle as she is very tall and thin.School places click for info shortage will affect moncler outlet ny thousands of kids over next five years amid population boom”She is really upset about it and there are dozens of parents standing in reception and in the car park waiting to pick up their kids over the uniforms. cheap moncler jackets

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